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Pseudo-uselessly serving you since 2000

SavKy Enterprises is a family owned and operated venture.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality and service in all that we do.

It's just that we haven't quite decided what we want to be when we grow up.  For those of you who know us, you understand.  Although to be fair, some of us are making better inroads than others.  (Un)Fortunately, we are getting closer all the time.  At least with regard to the deciding part.  As for the growing up...we'll put that off as long as we can.

Throughout the years we have embarked on various business ventures.  Some of us are still workin’ for the man...biding our time, gettin’ some learnin’ (obviously not in grammar), and waiting to see where the next whim will take us.  Others are actually getting it done.  To wit, a couple of our latest ventures:

SavKy Travel

Well, she finally went and did it.  Our very own Ms. Debbi went and opened her own travel agency.  Deb's been doing the travel thing since 1986 and is an expert on Jamaica, cruises, and snow skiing packages.  (For the record, she won't send you skiing in Jamaica.  Although bobsledding might be an option.)  For all of your travel needs contact her on facebook at, or email,

D & K Costumes

As if the travel gig doesn't keep her busy enough, Deb has been putting her uber seamstress skills to use.  She has been partnering with her daughter Kyra.  They are making costumes for local theater groups, creating custom clothing, and providing alterations. Over the past year this venture has really taken off.  They have become involved with many more theater groups.  The customized garment and alterations requests are gathering (pun intended) steam as well.  For more information see the web site at D&KCostumes, facebook at, or email at

Corporate Trivia:  Our name is derived from the names of our god-daughter, Savannah, and our daughter, Kyra.  (Remember this factoid, there may be a test later.)


A kindly word to our acquaintances, friends, current and future employers, and anyone else who stumbles across these pages, either by random link clicking, “Googling”, “Binging”, or someone actually pointing you here.  We would  like to take this opportunity to point out to those of you who are humor impaired, these pages are largely crafted with a tounge-in-cheek  attitude.  They tend to reflect the more whimsical part of our nature.  Translation (especially to those “current and future employer” types) we do know how to be serious and professional when we have to...but for now, here on these pages, we don't have to.

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